Honours and post-grad funding list (for ecology research).

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Receiving a small grant can make or break many honours and post-grads research. I’ve talked to a few honours students lately that needed funding for what I thought was interesting research but without funds their project couldn’t run. With that in mind I thought that I should share a list of grants I’ve had sitting on my hard drive (and that I will add to if I see useful grants down the track) that may help fund small projects. The list has a bias towards grants in Australia that are aimed at aquatic science, but many are for ecology in general. This list is a work in progress and I’ll add to it as I come across more grants and awards. Feel free to add to the list as well, that would be helpful, as would any tips you might like to add on getting grants.

Some tips for anyone that hasn’t applied for some of the smaller grants from NGOs. Make your application is concise and easy to read and most importantly; try to demonstrate that the granting body will get something out of supporting you. Make sure to acknowledge any organisation that provides support in any media exposure you receive and also give them photos and videos that they can use on their social media, that always goes down very well and you should really go out of your way to do this.

(Edit: a few days after posting this my friend Kylie Soanes posted her grant list, seems we had been working on the same blog idea. Kylies list is more Victorian and terrestrial based plus has some good tips so it worth checking out if you don’t find anything suitable below. You can find her list here).

Award Type Date Due Type Amount
General Ecology
The Linnean Society of NSW 1st March each year Honours/PG $1500-2500
ESA Student awards 27th of Oct Honours/PG $1,500
ESA/TNC applied conservation award 27th of April Post grad $9,000
ESA/Wiley Fundamental ecology award 25th of May Post grad $5,000
ESA Jill Landsberg trust fund scholarship 30th of March Post grad $6,000
Australian Wildlife Society Uni Grants 31st May Post grad $1,500
Science Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 3rd Oct Honours/PG
The Youth Activity Fund Grant – Explorers org 5th of Nov UG/Honours $500 to $5,000
The Exploration Fund Grant- Explorers org 5th of Nov Post grad + $500 to $5,000
Ethel Mary Read Research Grant 30th of April Honours/PG $1,500
The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) Early each year Honours/Postgrad Travel Up to $1500
Marine and Freshwater
Paddy Palin 18th August each year Post grad $7,000
AMSA Allen Award 28 February each year Post grad Travel $2,500
Fisheries NSW student grants Early each year Honours/PG
Seaworld Research and Rescue small grants Early each year Anyone Up to $25000
ASFB Student Awards Various Early each year Honours/PG
ASFB Michael Hall Student Innovation Award 30th April Honours/PG $2,000
ASFB Student International Travel Scholarship 31st May Honours/PG

10 thoughts on “Honours and post-grad funding list (for ecology research).

    1. fishthinkers

      Thanks Marty. I couldn’t decide whether or not to add in the grants that the big banks have as they are usually not just for postgrads, there are a few around from ANZ,AMP,Bendigo etc that would suit though. I’ve got one for the Hollsworth grant that I was going to submit last round but didn’t finish it in time, so I should finish that for the next round but ill see how I am going…you know how it is haha

      Ill add in the Lizard Island link as well. Cheers 🙂



  1. fishthinkers

    A few more suggestions that were sent to me. Ill add them all in at some stage

    Australian Geographic http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/society/sponsorship/2013/11/apply-for-sponsorship

    Australian & Pacific Science Foundation, they do big grants so might be more suitable for PhD http://apscience.org.au/

    Nature Foundation SA http://www.naturefoundation.org.au/grants/
    Nature Conservation Society of SA http://www.ncssa.asn.au/programs/conservation-biology-grant
    Lirabenda Endowment Fund Grant (Field Naturalists Society of SA) http://www.fnssa.org.au/
    Sir Mark Mitchell Research F


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