The global tracking map: your key to discovering how the marine world moves.

VEMCO researchers map

VEMCOs researchers map: ‘Help us help you collaborate with the best researchers in the world and let us “Put You on the Map”! Red pins represent studies using VEMCO products, the dark pins represent institutes’.

For those that have an interest in animal movement in the oceans, I’d like to draw your attention to a handy and interesting tool on the VEMCO website; the global tracking map. This tool is a fairly comprehensive (but not exhaustive) map showing many of the research bodies and projects that are using acoustic tracking to understand the movements of fish and other marine animals. The map is easy to use and you can quickly locate research groups and/or individual projects that are in your area of interest and then click on them to read more on the project or find links to their work.

Whether you are a recreational fisher Interested in finding out about behaviour of the local fish species you target, a scientist looking for potential collaborators or an interested amateur naturalist wishing to learn about some new areas of research, then the map will help you find useful links and contacts. You can find the map here !
You can see a few interesting examples with links to the research pages, below.

Qatar Whale Shark Project

Qatar whaleshark

Manta Trust- Seychelles


Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology- Behaviour of Sharks Associated with Cage Dive Ecotourism

cage shark

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