The Altmetric Bookmarklet – an instant measure of the reach of academic publications [UPDATED]

I was thinking of writing a post about Altmetrics Bookmarklet after talking to a few people about how useful it is – however I don’t think I could do any better than Jeff Ollerton’s Biodiversity Blog post which is well written and concise. So I have re-blogged it below. The only thing I’d add for those that haven’t looked at Altmetrics before is that it isn’t necessary to download the bookmarklet to use Almetrics it as many databases have a Alt tab next to each paper (for example Wiley online library).

Prof. Jeff Ollerton - ecological scientist and author

Academics seem to be obsessed with metrics of all kinds at the moment, and I’m certainly not immune to it as my recent post on the h-indexdemonstrated.  So I was intrigued by a new (at least to me) browser plug-in that gives you instant altmetricssuch as number of times mentioned on Twitter, Facebook or on news outlets, or cited in blogs, policy documents, Wikipedia, etc.  It’s called the Altmetrics Bookmarklet and can be downloaded (or rather dragged from the screen to the bookmark bar of your browser) from here.

I’ve given it a spin and it seems to do what it says it can do, within narrow publisher and time limits (2011 onward for Twitter, for instance).  It’s very, very simple.  Just find a paper that you are interested in, on the publisher’s official website; here’s a recent one by my colleagues Duncan McCollin and Robin Crockett…

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