Rock fishing for Luderick

One of my all-time favourite styles of fishing is targeting Luderick (Girella tricuspidata) off wave exposed rock ledges with a float, centre-pin reel and a handful of seaweed. A couple of weekends ago, Niko, Gus and I went exploring in the Royal National Park just south of Sydney to find an empty rock platform and some hungry Luderick. Gus being the super talented videographer that he is filmed the action and produced a short video that captures, what I think Luderick fishing is all about (watch below in HD if possible 🙂 ).

Luderick are a great species to target if you’re into sustainable fishing and seafood. Despite a significant harvest from commercial and recreational fishers, Luderick are not considered ‘overfished’ and stocks appear to be in good health. Last year the bag limit for rec fishers was changed from 20 to 10 in NSW, to ensure healthy numbers into the future (note: legal length is 27cm).

Another aspect which makes Luderick a sustainable option is their diet. Most of the time they’re vegetarians who love munching on cabbage weed that grows along the rocky shore within the intertidal zone. With cabbage weed readily available at your feet there is no need to buy frozen prawns or pilchards, making the bait sustainable and free – win win!!

I also really enjoying eating Luderick. People often give them a bad rap but I would argue they’re not using fresh fish or they’re not preparing it properly. A skinned fillet of Luderick in batter tastes just as good as flathead in my books.

If you would like some more info on how to catch Luderick read this great post by Lauren from ponytailjournal. Also check out the video below of us fishing in the Sydney area and chatting sustainable fishing!

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