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Communicating science to the general public is often said to be where many scientists fail to shine, but things are changing rapidly as researchers start to reach out to the broader community – not just to other scientists. It is great to see scientific groups like the Australian Society for Fish Biology pushing the science communication side of things—and they recently opened their inaugural Student Science Communication Awards. Being fish nerds keen on improving our #scicomm we had to get a few entries in there.

So if you have a spare minute, check out our two Fish Thinkers & UoW entries into the Australian Society for Fish Biology’s Student Science Communication Awards. It is a people choice contest so don’t forget to vote*.

Evie has entered the JNR/Honours section –

I have entered the SNR/PhD/Masters section –

There are some good entries and it looks like it will be a tight contest. It would be great if you could give us a vote (you can vote for both of us). We would be most appreciative :). Don’t forget to take a look at some of the other great research happening at ASFB and also look out for the annual ‘Peer Prize’ for women in science which is running on the same site currently—there is some really good stuff happening there!

How to vote:

*To vote, follow the links, you need to then sign in and get a user name (Facebook or gmail fast links but any email is ok), vote and then make sure your vote is registered on the recent votes tab under each entry ( you might have to refresh the page).

how to


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