Tassie Black Bream

One bonus of being a PhD student is having the opportunity to travel the country on the conference circuit to present your work and meet fellow peers. For us, it also provides a chance to fish new water and target different species.

Last week Lac and I were lucky enough to secure funding from our Uni to travel south to Hobart, Tasmania for the Australian Society for Fish Biology and Oceania Chondrichthyan Society conference. It has now become one of our favourite conferences, mainly due to the excellent research on display and awesome fish folk who attend.

After three days of talks on fish research, we were itching to get outdoors to sample Tassie’s fishing. So once the conference was done and dusted we ventured not far down the highway to target Black Bream in an urban estuary.

Below are a handful of images from our session. Huge thanks to the legends at The Fishing Connection and The Fisherman’s Shed for their local knowledge.



5 thoughts on “Tassie Black Bream

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  3. Lee

    Sorry for the late reply! We had a pretty tough time on the trout, but what lacked in quantity was made up for in quality. Fishing for tailers on Little Pine Lagoon was one of my top trout fishing experiences…I can see why people are so fond of it. Hope to see you all at ASFB this year.

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