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Thinking about sand and the fish (and researchers) that call it home


Why would you study pretty fish on coral reefs if you could be trying to find grumpy weirdos like this Painted frogfish (Antennarius pictus)

Maarten De Brauwer is a marine biologist, dive instructor, biology teacher, PhD-candidate at Curtin University in Perth (Western Australia) and studies fish on soft sediments is lucky enough to work on sandy habitats  ;). He also does a really nice job on the science communication front over at Critter Research!  Below is his guest blog with some recent musings…

Thinking about sand and the fish (and researchers) that call it home

When I was asked to write a guest blog I first considered writing about fluorescent frogfish or about how weird fish that live on the sand can send children to school in developing countries. While I might do that another time, instead I decided to start a guest blog for Fish Thinkers by thinking about fish. Maybe because thinking about fish is what I am currently paid to do, though the fact that I’ve gone through 3 gin tonics and a fair amount of wine on a long-haul flight might play a role too. Continue reading

Cleaning up the coast with the Clean Coast Collective

This guest post is from our mates over at cleancoastcollective. They are on a mission around Australia cleaning up marine debris. The amount of rubbish they are finding in places is crazy, ranging from huge ghost nets to millions of pieces of micro plastics scattered across beaches. Take a read below and check out their crowd funding effort that is under way to fund a rubbish clean up mission to Cape York in the far north of Australia. They are a bee’s whisker away from their $20,000 tipping point and every little extra bit of coin will help them get across the line whilst supporting a really worth while initiative; so consider tipping in some funds if you are able (edit: they reached their tipping point today but getting the whole project fully funded would be great!).

Trashed in Cape York by Clean Coast Collective

We had been told by all of our friends that if we wanted to see serious amounts of marine debris, we needed to venture to the Cape York Peninsula. We were also warned that the experience might be incredibly disheartening.

Trash Tribe project 3 (1)

The journey up to the Cape York Peninsula is quite the expedition – hundreds of kilometres of dirt roads, riddled with corrugations and no mobile reception. Sure, you can go without Facebook for a few hours, but if you break down on these roads, you’d better hope the next person passing you is either a mechanic or a tow truck, because there isn’t a great deal of options if you get stuck. Continue reading