Peer-reviewed papers

Adams KR, Fetterplace LC, Davis AR, Taylor MD and Knott NA (2018). “Sharks, rays and abortion: The prevalence of capture-induced parturition in elasmobranchs.” Biological Conservation 217: 11-27.

Fetterplace LC, Davis AR, Neilson JM, Taylor MD, Knott NA (2016). Active acoustic tracking suggests that soft sediment fishes can show site attachment: a preliminary assessment of the movement patterns of the blue-spotted flathead (Platycephalus caeruleopunctatus). Animal Biotelemetry, 4(1):15. DOI: 10.1186/s40317-016-0107-6

Rees MJ, Knott N, Fenech GV, Davis AR (2015) Rules of attraction: enticing pelagic fish to mid-water remote underwater video systems (RUVS). Marine Ecology Progress Series 529:213-218.

Ferguson AM, Harvey ES, Rees MJ, Knott NA (2015) Does the abundance of girellids and kyphosids correlate with cover of the palatable green algae, Ulva spp.? A test on temperate rocky intertidal reefs. Journal of Fish Biology 86 (1), 375-384.

Rees MJ, Jordan A, Price OF, Coleman MA, Davis AR (2014) Abiotic surrogates for temperate rocky reef biodiversity: implications for marine protected areasDiversity and Distributions 20, 284-296.

Kelaher BP, Coleman MA, Broad A, Rees MJ, Jordan A, Davis AR (2014) Changes in fish assemblages following the establishment of a network of no-take marine reserves and partially-protected areas. PLoS ONE 9(1): e85825.

Industry publications and reports

Knott N, Ferguson A, Fetterplace L (2014) Coastal Erosion Remediation: Environmental Baseline Study, Final Report – Initial Sampling Round. NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries Research, Marine Ecosystems. Huskisson, NSW.

Published data sets

Fetterplace LC, Taylor MD, Knott NA (2016) Data from: ‘Jervis Bay Marine Park: Active Tracking of Blue-spotted Flathead’. doi:



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