The Stand: Why are we scared to go in the water?


“The chances of falling victim to a shark attack are incredibly slim, yet these majestic creatures represent one of mankind’s greatest fears. In a world where every shark encounter is front page news, can we fight back against this distorted perception?”

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Tagging along with the Coastal Carolina University Shark team


Caroline (from over at CCU Shark Research Team) stopped by the Fish Thinkers blog to give us a run down on where her research is headed and a sneak peak into the world of grad student shark research in the United States. Continue reading

Vote 1 Fish Thinkers


Communicating science to the general public is often said to be where many scientists fail to shine, but things are changing rapidly as researchers start to reach out to the broader community – not just to other scientists. It is great to see scientific groups like the Australian Society for Fish Biology pushing the science communication side of things—and they recently opened their inaugural Student Science Communication Awards. Being fish nerds keen on improving our #scicomm we had to get a few entries in there. Continue reading