Vote 1 Fish Thinkers


Communicating science to the general public is often said to be where many scientists fail to shine, but things are changing rapidly as researchers start to reach out to the broader community – not just to other scientists. It is great to see scientific groups like the Australian Society for Fish Biology pushing the science communication side of things—and they recently opened their inaugural Student Science Communication Awards. Being fish nerds keen on improving our #scicomm we had to get a few entries in there. Continue reading


Why Salmon can’t be on the menu anymore

We as consumers, particularly in western countries, are pretty boring when it comes to our seafood. Given the diversity of fish in our oceans this seems pretty strange. It’s like our taste buds are only fond of a handful of species such as tuna, cod, salmon, flake etc. But our obsession for these fish (majority of which are apex predators), has resulted in many of their stocks becoming overfished and deterioration of the ecosystems in which they live in. So it’s time we started mixing things up in terms of what seafood we catch, order, buy and cook!! This leads me to today’s guest post by Lauren Yates of Ponytail Journal. Lauren runs a super successfully blog covering all things from fashion, food and travel. When it comes to cooking, Lauren is a huge advocate of using sustainable seafood, regularly encouraging her followers to steer clear of the ‘trendy’ species that are overexploited and explore more sustainable options. Read her post below on why salmon can’t be on the menu anymore… Continue reading