Fish on marine sand: homebodies or adventurers?


Word cloud based on the publication text  

A large part of my PhD involves working with researchers from NSW DPI and UOW to try and understand the movement patterns of fishes found on marine sands. And our recent paper (open access and free to read here) on blue-spotted flathead is the first piece of the movement puzzle Continue reading

Local communities improving fish habitat

A few weeks ago, we helped Conservation Volunteers Australia and the William Beach Bush Care group to improve fish habitat along the shores of Mullet Creek, Lake Illawarra.

It was a fantastic day with a lot of trees planted and rubbish removed from the riparian zone. This work will hopefully enhance the local fishery by improving water quality and increasing habitat structure that fish need throughout various stages of their life.

One of the best aspects of the day however, was interacting with community members who are passionate about habitat restoration and fishing. It was great to meet and chat  fishing with members from the Illawarra Fly Fishers Club. Another drawcard of the event was fly fishing legend Juan Luis Del Carmen from the Advanced Fly Fishing School Sydney, who gave some of us a much needed fly casting lesson (me)!

Watch all the action that unfolded on the day above in a great video produced by our friend James Lidsey from North Head Media. Massive thanks to Adam Woods from CVA for organising the event and having us. Keep an eye out for more events like these in the future!

The project was assisted by NSW DPI Rec fishing trusts “Habitat Action Grants”.


If you ever need a fly casting lesson Juan is the person to see!!


Lac cleaning up litter along the bank of Mullet Creek.

Baby sharks head for home…

Who says sharks aren’t cute?  Watch this video and tell me otherwise!  And worth a quick blog post surely?

I recently spent a few days running a shark tracking workshop @tarongazoo projectshark in Jervis Bay with @400knots & @kye.adams.  There were various other workshops running too – Including Matts on marinedebris and another on Port Jackson shark ecology and behaviour by Sherrie and Cat from Maquarie Uni together with Sue from crest diving.

After the event I got a chance to race off and film these little sharks getting released back into the wild by Conner who had just arrived from Macquarie Uni Fish Lab.  Research from the lab has shown that when these PJs are adults they will migrate to Tasmania and back again each year! And often return to exactly the same crevice to breed each time!!

If you want to learn more about all the various Port Jackson shark research underway then head over to the Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution of Fishes Laboratory page.


Monthly Fishbits- August + September 2016


Mobula Rays at Aussie Point, Munda, Solomon Islands. Photo Leonard Clifford

This time round we have a lot to catch up on! Guest blogger, and founder of The Fins United Initiative, Melissa Márquez (@mcmsharksxx) drops in, Evie hands in her thesis, we hear about whales bigger than blue whales! *, fish gorging on mice, and the shark attack ‘problem’.

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The Stand: Why are we scared to go in the water?


“The chances of falling victim to a shark attack are incredibly slim, yet these majestic creatures represent one of mankind’s greatest fears. In a world where every shark encounter is front page news, can we fight back against this distorted perception?”

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